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5th Canvey Island Air Scout Group.

GDPR Statement

Fair Processing Notice

Our Fair Processing Notice describes the categories of personal data we process and for what purposes.

We are committed to collecting and using such data fairly and in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).


Who we are

We are  regulated as a member of the UK The Scout Association. See http://scouts.org.uk for more information

Every year we hold an annual general meeting where members of the charity executive are elected, any parent of a youth members can decide to be in the executive at the AGM and every parent has the right to attend the Annual General Meeting.

Your rights

You have the right to object to how we process your personal information. You also have the right to access, correct, sometimes delete and restrict the personal information we use. In addition, you have a right to complain to us and to the data protection regulator.

Please contact the Group Executive Chair or the Group Scout Leader for more information, in the first instance.


How we gather personal information

The majority of the personal information we hold on you, is provided to us directly by yourself or by parents / legal guardian in either paper form or transferred from another group via our online membership systems.  In the case of an adult member, data may also be provided by third party reference agencies, such as the disclosure and barring service (DBS).

Where a member is under the age of 18, this information will only be obtained from a parent / guardian and cannot be provided by the young person.

How we use your personal information

We collect your personal and medical information for the protection of that Person whilst in the care of the Scout Group.

The collection a person’s religion data is necessary to respect their beliefs with regards to activities, food and holidays.

We process the data to have the ability to contact the member, parents and guardians, to inform them of meetings, events that the group itself may be running or attending.

Our legal basis for using your personal information

We only use your personal information where that is permitted by the laws that protect your privacy rights. We only use personal information where:

a)We need to use the information to comply with our legal obligations.

b)We need to use the information to contact with you, regarding meetings, events, collection of membership fee’s etc, i.e. for the day to day running of the group.

c)It is fair to use the personal information in your interests, where there is no disadvantage to you – this can include where it is in our interests to contact you about products or services within scouting.

Sharing and transferring personal Information

We will only normally share personal information within our scout group leaders and executive members.

We will however share your personal information with others outside of the group where we need to meet or enforce a legal obligation, this may include, Castle Point District Scouts, Essex County Scouts, The Scout Association and it insurance subsidiary “Unity”, local authority services and law enforcement, we will only share your personal information to the extent needed for those purposes.


If you move from 5th Canvey Island Air Scout Group, to another scout group or explorer group we will transfer your personal information to them.


We will never sell your personal information to any third party for the purposes of marketing.


Sometimes we may nominate a member for a national award, (such as Scouting or Duke of Edinburgh award) such nominations would require we provide contact details to that organisation.


Third Party Data Processors

5th Canvey Island Air Scout Group, employs the services of the following third-party data processors: -

The Scout Association via its membership system “Compass” which is used to record the personal information of leaders, adults and parents who have undergone a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.

Online Youth Manager Ltd (Online Scout Manager) which is used to record the personal information, badge records, event and attendance records etc, we have a data processing agreement in place with online youth manager, more information is available at https://www.onlinescoutmanager.co.uk/security.php


How long we keep your personal information for

We will retain your personal information, throughout the time you are a member of 5th Canvey Island Air Scout Group.

We will retain your full personal information for a period of two months after you have left 5th Canvey Island Air Scout Group, and in a much more limited form (just name, badge and attendance records) for a period of up to 15 years (until age 21) to fulfil our legal obligations for insurance and legal claims.

We will also keep any Gift Aid Claim information for the statutory 7 years as required by HMRC (which may be beyond age 21)

Automated decision making

5th Canvey Island Air Scout Group does not have any automated decision-making systems.

Transfers outside the UK

5th Canvey Island Air Scout Group will not transfer your personal information outside of the UK, with the exception where an Event is taking place outside of the UK and it is necessary to provide personal information to comply with our legal obligations, although generally such an event will have its own data collection form which will be securely held and disposed of after the event.

Data Storage

5th Canvey Island Air Scout Group is committed to the protection of your personal information.

We generally store personal information in one of two secure digital online database systems, where access to that data is restricted and controlled.

Compass: - is the online membership system of The Scout Association, this system is used for the collection and storage of Adult personal data.

Online Scout Manager is an online membership system run by Online Youth Manager Ltd, this is a secure membership database where we store the personal information of Adults and Youth members for the day to day running of the group.

Additional Digitized records:  Some Data is held on the Group Scout Leader’s laptop which is password protected.

Printed records and Event data

Paper is still used within 5th Canvey Island Air Scout Group to capture and retain some data for example the following: -

•New joiners form.

•New joiners waiting lists.

•Health and contact records update forms.

•Gift Aid Collection forms.

•Events consent from parents.

•Events coordination with event organisers.

•Award notifications/nominations

In the case of Joining forms, health and contact update forms, this information is securely held by the Group Scout Leader, and transferred to our secure digital systems as soon as possible before the paper form is destroyed.  All other paper data is securely stored in a locked office.


Gift Aid collection forms, will be securely held by the Group Scout Leader to aid in the collection of Gift Aid for monthly membership fee’s, we have a legal obligation to retain this information for 7 years after our last claim.



As a member of 5th Canvey Island Air Scout Group it is hoped you will take up the opportunity to attend events and camps, where is necessary to fulfil our legal obligations we will be required to potentially have a less secure means to access personal information, such as printouts of personal contacts and medical information, (including specific event contact forms), rather than relying on secure digital systems, as often the events are held where internet and digital access will not be available. We will minimise the use of paper to only what is required for the event/camp.

We will ensure

a)Transfer of paper is secure, such as physical hand to hand transfer or registered post.

b)Paper forms are securely destroyed after use.

c)Secure destruction will be through a shredding machine or securely burned.

d)If transferred to somebody, we will audit that they return them when the event is complete.



Sometimes we may nominate a member for national award, (such as Queens Scout or Duke of Edinburgh award) such nominations would require we provide contact details to the awarding organisation, this is most often done on paper via registered post.