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Air Scout Group.

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Partnership with 5th Canvey

5th Canvey Island Air Scout Group

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The cost for your young person to attend their section is £180.00 per year.


This is broken down for your ease into 12 monthly payments of £15 which must be set up as a standing order with your bank to be paid on the 01st of every month.


It is possible to just transfer the money each month, if you chose to pay in this way you must make sure you transfer the money on the 01st of every month and remember to also do this in August even though we don’t meet.


The last alternative way to pay is by cheque termly, this will be £65.00 and is due the first Thursday of the term.


Please note that failure to pay on time, could mean you’re young person’s place within the section is withdrawn and if they wish to re-attend they will be put back on the waiting list.


Group sections



Explorers Night Hawk Explorer Scouts 20-70-93 43346013  

Scouts 5th Canvey Island Scout Troop 20-70-93 80422487  

Cubs 5th Canvey Island Cub Pack 20-70-93 90022152  

Beavers 5th Canvey Island Beaver Colony 20-70-93 30245194


Please use young person’s name as reference